Over Germany

I'm not "over Germany", in fact I have vague plans in the work to sneak my way back there next winter. Actually had an odd dream last night that I was going there again for another class....

Anyways, here are a few snap-shots of how my book came out. I organized the photos I took over the trip, some sketches from my journal, and made a fairly decent layout. Then I got it printed through Mac. Absolutely wonderful print job, from the quality of the printing to the very texture of the books and paper. :)

Back, Back, BACK!

Over the last few busy months I pushed this aside, but I realized I really do need to record life some where-- and it won't be happening in the privacy of a personal journal.

Here are the wonderful Christmas gifts I received, it really does help having a mum that works part-time at a bookstore. I also received some very much appreciated gift-cards. :}
The PopGun anthology and the James Jean Covers have been my favs so far, but "Apollo's Song" has been an engrossing read.


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