So I should be having lunch right about now so that I can go to studio and spend the rest of my day working there. But as always my mornings are slow. I went to Target this morning and bought a few more things to add to the "costume" I'm making myself for a photoshoot. Well, you'll see those later.

But here I have a pair of small white gloves that fit quite snug. I got them from a vintage clothing store on Broughton St on a whim. Well they are part of the "costume", but I really hadn't made plans to stop by the store. The same is true for the French perfume which cost $10 and was the last of its kind on the shelf. I like the smell of it, it's soft and lasting.

Yesterday was the zine fair and although it rained, it was quite nice. Well, quite quiet really. I was only there for a bit, as my companions were without cash. But this is what I got, and I am very encouraged to try it for myself next year.

So it's been a while and a day now since something's been posted. I could excuse myself by listing many sleepless nights, hours of work on projects, and just participating in a social life in general. But I won't. Instead I'll posted up a few pictures (mostly a catalog of Vday gifts) and get on with my day.

Speaking of which, if it goes as planned it should resemble something of the following:
+A bicycle ride
+Carving rin
+Lunch and dinner (not at the same time)
+And drawing for the fun of it

Yes that all sounds quite dandy indeed to me, and I can't believe it's only Saturday.

Soft Things

Well now that I have a moment to myself I wanted to add the actual words to this post (I posted quickly so a friend could see the photos before she left).

The alpacas at the top was my first Color Theory project. The guidelines were to create two identically objects, one showing discordant (clashing) colors and the other harmonious colors. It's a fairly interpretive project, but I hope most people can see which is which with mine. (hint: saturated turquoise and yellow do not go well on an alpaca). Part of the guidelines was also to try something new or to branch out in our major or interest. I'm doing a minor in Fibers, so I wanted to do something along those lines. Unfortunately I know nothing about sewing/knitting/crocheting so my options were rather limited. I had previously done little pieces with felt needling (palm sized), but had never approached anything bigger requiring a metal frame. Well, that was my undertaking and while it took many many hours, I feel I still learned and improved my skill on it.

The elephants (I think of them as oilephants) were for my second Color Theory project. Again, two of the same things. This time one had to demonstrate light (tints) colors and the other dark (shades). The selection of fabric is deplorable in this town (as any Fashion major will tell you), so I was challenged just by finding my materials. I didn't want to use black, which caused some difficulty as that's the about the only consistent dark fabric around here. But I'm happy with what I did find and how I incorporated it. The two things I gained was the experience of finding different fabrics, and learning to sew! I've never done it before so it was quite an experience. My roommate showed me how to work the machines down at the Fashion building, so part of the softies were made there and part were sewn by hand. The craftsmanship isn't where I'd like it to be, but I think for a first try it was good. The pattern I used was drawn out myself, but referenced from a book. I think i modified it enough though to be considered my own. Regardless, I'm not selling them that's for sure. The dark one is going to a class mate, and the light one is reserved for my mum.

Wow, that was long.

And to the couple of commenters I found:
I am floored! Thank you! I don't know how you found me at all really, this was just something I started to keep in touch with a few friends.


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