Oh, in other news I've been thinking about where I want to intern at next year. I'm hoping to do a winter & summer internship, just because these long breaks drive me crazy. I think there's only so much family I can handle now that I've experienced life without them. haha.

+Free People
+Urban Outfitters (who dropped by for internship interviews this fall)
+Anthropologie (really I just want a store discount ;U; )
+Ted Muehling (because a) he's in Manhatten b) he sounds cool and c) he doesn't mind you breaking things)
+Donna Wilson (upside- it's in London downside- I'd want to steal half of what's in the studio)

More to come as I think of them...these are all highly unlikely though. Of course.

Tea & Trinkets

So Christmas has finally come & gone. Now that I'm back "home" in Auburn I can finally take stock of what I accumilated over the winter break. Well, to be precise I already did the inventory yesterday while unpacking and rearranging things into a semblance of order.

It seems I came away with lots of tea, books, and music; which, in my opinion isn't bad at all. I discovered my favorite tea is Starbuck's "Bangkok", a mild sort of tea and very pleasent. Also received many little bags of a tea from Nepal. It's okay, not terribly exciting to be sure...

The first photo is of my humble collection of wool downing that I've been using to create small felt creatures with. Unfortunately I gave them all away before photographing them...

And those are all the books I either received or bought over the break. I think they will be occupying a nice bit of my free time.

Yes. So. And music? These are the newest tracks added to the iPod:

+"The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou OST" -- Just added, haven't listened to yet, but am looking forward to it.

+"Pan's Labrinyth OST" -- One word: haunting.

+ James Blunt "All the Lost Souls" -- Haven't listened to it enough, but I think these are some of the better pop love songs.

+"Across the Universe OST" -- Interesting listening to Beatle's songs in a new way...

+The Kinks "It's the Kinks" -- I'm surprised with my familiarity to some of the songs despite not having really heard of the band recently. They were part of the 'British Invasion', right?

+The Killers' "Sawdust" -- Some of the songs have a distinct country/western influence, which I liked a lot. I was disappointed by how some of their previous songs were put on the record (to fill up space?). But I know this is just a release to just hold me over until their new material...

+"The Darjelling Limited" -- Simply wonderful. I found a song who's message I aspire to be.

+Edith Piaf's "The Early Years" -- An acquired taste. Loved the way it sounds as if it is being played off of an old phonograph.

I'm a Wanker Too

I loved the title to this book. That is why I picked it up, why I continued reading it, and probably why I actually finished it. For me the title sounds like a manifesto I can rally behind.

Only the first chapter or so deals with this theory (the "wankers" one), the rest talks more about venturing into business when you're fresh out of school. Over all it seemed to have a bias towards the product designer who wants to be self-employed. Not that this is a bad thing to focus on, I just wish they had a broader scope of things. I think in the beginning it was a bit misleading because it discussed how as a design student you should transfer into the real world upon graduation....if you are wanting to solely be a self-promoting product designer that is.

I read practically all of it, sans a chapter or so on finding adventure capitalists. The things I enjoyed most were probably the interviews in the back of the book. I found it interesting to read the various designers' opinions on the young designers today.

So, in short, this is going on the book shelf where I'm proud to have it. Will I re-read it? Most definitely, but probably not until my senior year. Overall it was rather vague on some points, but then again it's not like these things have direct answers that apply to everyone. It is mostly a book generally guiding one in a good direction and bringing up questions you need to ask yourself along the way.


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