I should be freaking out about finals right aaaaaaboooouut...now. There's so much due for next week. While talking with a class mate I ran into today, I found out about yet another Big Thing due a week earlier than expected. But yet some how I feel calm about the entire thing. I think I have come to accept the fact that I will be pulling all nighters at least twice next week. And I should be doing more now, but I'm choosing instead what I am more interested. Drawing and surfing the internet. Oh hohum, I'll pay for it later.

I'm trying to bring a little bit more color into my palette of black and beige. Didn't turn out bright, but I didn't think that fit the mood anyways.

Oh, and today I had the pleasure of biking to Krogers and buying groceries. Hadn't loaded up my bike quite so heavily before. And also, I bought "The Darjeeling Limited". Will be watching tomorrow, and rewatching over the break. It's epic, on the level of "Garden State" and "The History Boys" epic.

One Wooly Sold

So yesterday I finally opened up an Etsy shop to sell some small felted things I like to make, and which are made quickly. Really I only had one item to sell, and so I snapped a few photos, payed 20 cents to post it, and up in my shop it went. After refreshing the page a few times over the next hour, I left for studio to continue working on my finals. Then around 3 I went with my roomie and a couple of her friends to see a movie, a comedy, and eat dinner. By the time I got back that evening the little owl had sold. Unexpected, but I was delighted. I hadn't advertised for my shop, hadn't participated in the forums, and hadn't even told anyone I had signed up for it. From what I can gather it's highly unusual to make the first sale so quickly. Most of the people I had heard from had taken weeks or month, with selling in one week being highly unusual.

So now I have another fuzzy creature up in my shop awaiting to be bought. He's a derivative of my owl. I call him a dust bunny for now. I'm not sure what he is really. Because I was experimenting a bit it took me 30 mins to do, and so I'm charging $6.

I'm also entering a state of limbo on what I want to do major wise. I'm quite unhappy in industrial design right now, but that might just be my particular classes now. Ideally I would like to major in Fibers with a minor in Toy Design. But well, toy design hasn't been fully written yet, and so...Also not sure how high I would have to go in id to take classes in it. But the Conceptart minor has definitely been approved for this fall, and my that is also sorely tempting. Ultimately I don't want to graduate later than spring '11, no matter how tempting the choices are.

I can't stop listening to "Across the Universe OST", the songs almost slip off my tongue. They make me happy, except when they make me sad as in the case of "Let it Be". But, well, I'll let it be for now...


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