Plaza Lights

I took a trip down to the Plaza last night, and it is easily one of my most favorite places to be. Ever since I was a kid I enjoyed coming here. The place was one of America's first out-door shopping malls built around circa 1900 and has a lot of Spanish architecture influences. There are tons of little details and statues here and there that you just don't see in most places. This contributes to the city having more fountains (or was it statues?) than Rome...

I'm back in town & now that finals are over I'm determined to keep up this neglected blog.

So, being on a break with no work in particular means I'm catching up on a lot of neglected reading.

First off is a book I started in the summer, I read the introduction and theory talk, but just didn't get to reading the part that actually talks about painting. A wonderful read so far.

Picked this one up at the beginning of the quarter but never got very far in it. I must admit it was the title that got me. I'm probably reading this too early, but it seems like it will be a good second read too. It's mostly about the transitioning from student industrial designer to the real, business world.

I picked this book up by chance on one of my last days in town, but I think it was due to good fortune. The first half seems to cover the history and context of industrial design, and the rest goes into the practices of manufacturing. As I'm starting my prototyping class this upcoming quarter, I feel like I'm getting a head-start.

So I've been taking a long rambling journey with this one, starting it a year ago now. This isn't to say the book isn't good or engaging, in fact it really is. Every time I pick it up it's hard to put down, over half-way done with it now. The beauty of Eastern Europe is described in vivid detail, making it just one more place I want to visit.

Bought this right before leaving for SCAD, and never got around to reading it. It's the third, and last, book of a Russian Sci-fi triology. I've seen both of the Russian made movies, and even got to go to the premier of the second one. Looking forward to finishing this, but it'll be hard to say "good-bye" to the characters I've fallen in love with.

Yes, so, that's what I'm currently up to. Also, to throw in a picture that is mine, I give you some lineart. Afterwards I went ahead and colored it with my Copics, but I'm having a little more trouble scanning it in.


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