Well I tried to go to the sidewalk chalk arts festival yesterday, but it rained and so I gave up and went to the bookstore to read a comic I didn't want to buy.

Speaking of which, I'm in the midst of making a four page or so, contemplative minicomic. I hate the writing of it though. I can't write. This is my newest realization. Was in a huge art rut, but I think I'm slowly coming out of it. I have a couple things I've done recently that I'm quite happy with. Here are a couple. My latest, drawn last night, hasn't been scanned yet. So you know how that goes...

Also bought new shoes, reserved my storage space, and am seriously thinking about how I need to buy my Euro rail pass.


So today was good, I had to get up a bit early, but it gave me an early start on the day. Hm, haven't done much since sketcharobics though, so I'm not sure how helpful it was.


We learned how to draw the "15 second" car, which was fun. I kind of fail at drawing cars though. They all look like toys. Which isn't so bad considering my next point.

The visiting ex-prof now works for a toy design company in Atlanta, and after a few inquiries made by me, he told me they were looking for a summer intern. Also, that the company was attempting to establish a toy design class here. I am, muchos excited. :> I don't think I'm ready for an internship yet (and the time? I won't have it!), but perhaps by winter break?

I also received positive feedback from the guy which was all sorts of encouraging.

Thé Portable

I'm drinking "Montagne de Jade" (thé vert parfume´fruité & fleuri) and it is a wonderful looseleaf tea that was a bit overpriced, but perhaps not if you consider it is looseleaf, in a lovely can, and will last me for the next decade.

So. The blog that was once updated bi-daily has been neglected. Well, that's not entirely true as I do come to it quite often to look at and see if I've posted anything (I haven't).

Here are a few things from my life lately:

+ A growingly absurd collection of yarn. In my defense the two white ones were used, albeit extra balls of them were left over. The orange one has an intended purpose.

+ Me peeking into an abandoned house that is in need of repairs. Its amazing that it's somewhat neglected though, its on one of our main streets...

+The mouse, and his message, to the many people who pass by our dorm room. Some people are absurd in the number of times of their coming and going, not that we take note, of course...


It is absolutely shameful how I haven't posted in forever.
Here, have a photo of the piggie I made.

Postings will become more frequent now.


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