I have become distracted tonight, I keep thinking this project will take less time than it will. And it will be the last! It's a drawing final, cum-throw together a graphic layout.

This was my fibers final. Entirely crochet, with a bit of dilapitated felting on the tentacles. Two weeks ago I couldn't put two stitches together with a hook, and now I have a very large....hat. I wanted it to appear as though he was eating my head. I plan on doing a photo shoot with a friend once I am grounded in the 'States again.

Speaking of which, it's moving time! I am being kicked out of the dorms Friday morning, and leaving Monday morning for Berlin. This gives me a full two days at home. I found out my thesis paper for the study-abroad is on the history of design of motorcycles. More specifically German ones.

Mostly I wrote this out of a nagging guilt in the blog's neglect. And thank you Wendy, it really makes me happy knowing someone out this is reading it other than my mom. :>

Now. The last Final.

the paper mill smell is seeping as if to say a last good bye

Crazy Fibers

Just a quick post to get into the swing of things. Here are a few things done over the weekend as Fibers homework. Except the hive piece, that was my first fibers project. A woven project. The last is a caterpillar weaving his cocoon.


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