Went to an air force museum, or some such today. We drew planes, ones that, in my case, looked abysmal. But tonight I drew this feathery creature. It's very fine, long feathers, not fur.

So here I am with a blog I hardly know what to do with. A first post is always a little nerve-wracking. I feel like I'm stepping out onto a stage with a bright spotlight blinding me from seeing the crowd. And that's the jist, you, whoever you are reading this right now, I can't see you. But perhaps that lets me be a little more free.

For instance, while I wouldn't be flashing this comic about publicly, I'm willing to post it on my blog.

Here are ten or so pages of a short comic I did
for 24 Hours Comic Day. An event, for me, that turned into a 14 hours comic day with fourteen or so pages.

And oh, yes, the title? Well, let's leave that one to the imagination...


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