Art on the Walls

Last weekend I visited Savannah, apartment shopping. Also scored a bunch of "art" for the new place for a grand total of $1.

The second apartment we looked at had a few canvases set out next to the trash. I think everyone in the group (my future roommates) picked one up. I liked this one particularly for the gloomy feel, and I felt the horizontal bands were interesting. Bad photo because it is currently in possession of my boyfriend who took a photo of it via photobooth.

On our way back to the house we passed by a yardsale, they had a stack of old postcards from Europe for a $1.

Earlier in the morning the neighbors had a yard sale, what was left was placed next to the trash. We discovered this only after it had rained unfortunately. A hefty book on Rodin was left out, and soaked except for the inner pages. I tore some out to frame.

I plan on adding somewhat random, and mostly "found" art pieces on the walls of the apartment. In a hodge-podge collection. You'll see.

A new friend, and some art things I am currently working on.


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