Sans Photos

No photos of interest yet, I swear I'm going to sneak into Anderson Hall to photograph my alpacas one day soon!

In re-cap of today I bought sewing supplies and scrap fabric to make softies. Yes, this is homework. I'm doing them for my next Color Theory project. So my roommate, who is an ex-fashion major, showed me how to use the sewing machines down at Eichburg Hall (Fashion building). So I think I know how to do it now, and I can't wait to get started. Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday. I also stole two apples from the cafeteria.

And tonight shall be very, very long as I toil away at orthographic which should have been completed over the weekend. Joy! And onward I march.

Well, I am a very tired person. I've gotten little sleep over the past few days due to finishing up projects. I'd post photos but my profs still have them. I'm pretty happy with how my Color Theory project came out.

For Color Theory I had to write a three-page essay/ poem/ or illustrated text on my personal feelings on color. I opted for the illustrated text, and did something very simple but (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing. I'm looking forward to posting it when I get it back.

Besides that, there were our typed class notes and 6 grey/color scales (you know, squares and gaouche).

But the real Project (with a capital "P") was on Harmonious/Discordent colors. Being as Fibers is my minor, I did needle felt softies. Because we're supposed to be challenging ourselves (preferably with new mediums), I created my softies large with a wire-frame. It was a first for me, constructing the wool around a wire frame. Also the scale of them was very new to me. They stand at about one foot high and a half foot long. Previously I've just made palm-sized creations. It took hours and hours and hours of needle stabbing to say the least. The positive of it was I got an absolute 100% on the project. My prof gave some positive feedback too, which I'm still in shock of receiving. She's usually a real tough critique giver, even going so far as to critique your placement of your project in the front of the room. haha. So yeah, pretty amazing. I think I'm going to sleep now....

Wooly Things

So here is my second attempt at creating a felt owl. First time sewing on buttons though. Total time was around 45 minutes, and that was because I didn't have my foam block and was trying to felt needle on my thigh (a very stupid thing to try btw). Also forgot to sew on the eyes before adding the grey, yes I am brilliant. So I had to felt over the thread I used to sew on the eyes...blahblahblahfelt.

Also pictured are my spoils from the yarn shop today. Wild Fibre. Accidentally went in while an Intro to Fibers class was taking place (they were doing a field trip). So I had to wait 30 minutes while the store owner measured out ounces of wool for twenty-odd people. What was amusing was that I had dragged Jacob along thinking it would only be a few minutes (I knew what I wanted, I just had to get it). So I got to do the whole boyfriend dragged to girly store. LULZ. Anyways there's my foam block (it's dark and hidden) which I am most excited about. <3 It's better than the previous thing I had felted on because it doesn't pull out the fibers so much on the wool, and also it's deeper. Oh I got longer needles too. And the one on the left is a knitting zine that looks neat-o. And the book to the right is this amazing read that profiles various artist and gives knitting patterns that are way too hard for me at the moment. One of the artist does some sort of guerilla-street knitting. Like, knitting around lamposts and such at night. haha.

And lastly is my tea cabinet, with three new mugs I got for Giftmas. Mom just shipped them to me the other day. I couldn't take them on the plane with me, but I'm very glad to have them now.

Oh, and I talked to a girly classmate today. Apparently I'm not the only one who gets tired and sore on the first week back to class because of riding their bike. Woo.

Recapping the weekend briefly just to say it was pretty awesome. I got to really hang out with friends I hadn't seen over the break and I got 90% of my homework done before its Tuesday due date (leaving today pretty free!). Saturday morning Darby, David, Yidi & I went out to a giant flea market off the highway. I got a magikarp figure for $2 and a jar of old buttons for $8. Nice deals. Also ate at Krystal's for the first time in my life. The burgers were okay. I'm not entirely won-over by the steaming process. And on the way back we stopped at a new junk shop where I found my new bike.

My new bike is named Collin. Namesake of Collin Meloy, who sings "Apology Song" (which is about a bicycle). My bike reminds me a lot of the one illustrated on the band's tee-shirts. I'm taking it to the repair shop today, and hopefully I'll get it back soon. Basically it needs a new cable and back tire, but I'm also going to have them put a rack on the back and a basket. Nice.

Oh, and this is how my wood lathing is going. Between my two fingers is going to be the handle of the wine-bottle stopper. Haven't sanded/finished it yet, but I like how it's going. I'm hoping I left enough room at the bottom so it will taper down to the bottle itself. I need to snag a calibrater and find out the dimensions again to be sure.

And the new pug calendar gifted to me is in a strategic place. Right next to my desk so when ever I glance down I see that beautiful face. I'll probably be using it to mark deadlines on soon too.

In other news my Color Theory prof is all sorts of amazing. Due in one week and two days I need my gouache grey scales (done except for to swatches on one scale), a few page illustrated text on color, and two large softie creatures. The two softies I'm going to make out of wool, using a felting technique I haven't tried before. They'll be way bigger than what I've done previously, having a wire frame and stuffing on the inside. One will show harmonious colors and one will show discordant. Basically I'll do an animal (I'm thinking either a giraffe or elephant), one in natural fiber colors (brown, grey, cream, etc) and the other in saturaded bright colors. Hope this goes well so I can sell them on my etsy shop. Which I'll open as soon as a) my new credit card gets here and b) I have something to sell.

Well that was enough prattle for today!

Artish Things

Here are a few things I did over winter break. Well, a couple. Moleskine and Copics have quite the potential.

Also, I realize some people are amazing in how desperately they cling to the past. There's this one ex-friend, and, my god, she came off as such a creepy...cant say... when I last met her and when I heard about her today. It makes me laugh though. (I am horrible I know) But honestly, I have not a single regret with how that relationship ended. I hope she finally got the point today. I couldn't deliver it though, I wasn't there.

Anyways, more things tomorrow. I went to a flea-market this morning with some friends and came home with some nice things. Oh, and a friend got me something nice to hang up on the wall yesterday.


Achtung Baby

So after much pondering (or very little depending upon how you look at things) I've made my decsion.

I'm going to Germany. And then France.

I've decided to apply for the program in Germany because it's a shorter time (3 weeks as opposed to 9). This saves me money in tuition (Lacoste is SCAD's full tuition price plus various other expenses). And I think it will allow me a little more freedom in the long run. With the time and money I'll save from not going to Lacoste, I can spend going to France on my own terms. So, yes, the plans as they stand, have me going 3 weeks in Germany for the program and then a week or so traveling on my own in France. I'm not sure where I want to go. Paris, for all its fame, I am not too keen on. The French people and the Parisians are a different class all together really. I'm thinking either Nantes or Rennes (close to the northern coast).

Yes and so, and hair is quite curly! I love this humid weather. I don't think the pictures do it justice. You'd have to feel it. Or, at least, that's how I pass the time. You'd think after a lifetime I would be used to it...but no.

And the yarn shop? Something Fabre I think it was called. I found it, hidden though it was. And it was gorgeous. This is what I got. A couple of scraps of fabric to make a softie, a cheap ball of yarn and some knitting needles.

And now it is time for me to figure out how to knit.
And my grey-scale in gouache. Ew.

No pictures in this post? Tragical.

So, in other news I am mulling over things while listening to "On the Bus Mall", courteousy of the Decemberists (hence a certain title). Just got back from getting a new quarter sticker on my id card & since I was in the building anyways, I decided to track down some off-campus info. The choices for this summer are: Chicago, New York, Germany (where? oh I don't know), Italy (city?), and of course Lacoste, France.

For me it comes down to three choices. I'm thinking Germany, Lacoste, or New York. Chicago is only offering art history & architect classes. Italy only has art history and photography.

So let's examine:

+cooler summer weather, good for a country that doesn't believe in air conditioning
+only 3 weeks
+fills my last art history course
+lets me take painting (something I'd probably never take here)
-only 3 weeks
-I don't get to practice my French
-I don't speak German

New York
+it's New York
+there is air-conditioning
+there are subways
+there are a shitload of shopping centers and museums
+good fabric/yarn stores
+fills up a history course
-only 2ish weeks
-I still haven't left the U.S.

Lacoste, France
+I get to practice my French
+it's France FTW!
+it's in a medieval village
+I get to take art history
+I get to take painting
+it's 9 weeks
-it's 9 weeks
-it's in a medieval village (out in the middle of nowhere)

So yeah, I need to talk to my adviser and such.

In other news, I've heard rumor of a yarn shop but as yet have not seen it. I will explore further tomorrow before class. Fini!

Gifts Upon Return

So, in naming my blog I had hopes that I would update it with some musings and trivia while I munched over breakfast before heading out for the day. For the record, I think this post is the first of that sort. I'm usually just a very rushed person. Which isn't to say I'm not rushed now, but I do believe I can bike a mile to class in less than an hour. Well, we shall see.

Jacob gave me a blanket? throwover? a woven thing that I like and will probably be using. You know, I like sitting on my bed to do my work, but its right next to the airconditioner and so while I wanted something to cover myself, I didn't want to crawl under the comforter. His blanket is a perfect gift. Also, I like how it's felted on one side. <3

Darby's gift is just perfect too. I don't know, I guess I just enjoy it when a gift is so perfectly useful. This a wrap up tool box essentially. Although it may be re purposed to hold knitting needles or paint brushes in the future. It has a lot of potential. I also like it because it is a quite stylish toolbox. Which is very hard to find.

Now, I must hurry off again.


Okay, so I'm back in SCADvannah now after a long, harrowing journey (and by this I mean a dull & uneventful five hour drive). But more of that later.

I've been meaning to post this, but, well...I didn't.

The other day I found a rather large white bunny on the front lawn of my grandparents. I took him to Christine's with all intension's of taking him then to the shelter (with Christine in company). But this was Dec. 31st. Apparently, a validation for a holiday from then until Jan 2nd. So Christine kept the bunny and bought some food for her and we went about our merry way. A week later the bunny has been placed in a permanent home (Christine's apartment has issues with pets). And well, I just thought it was rather odd to find a tame bunny out on my yard. Ho hum.


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