Art on the Walls

Last weekend I visited Savannah, apartment shopping. Also scored a bunch of "art" for the new place for a grand total of $1.

The second apartment we looked at had a few canvases set out next to the trash. I think everyone in the group (my future roommates) picked one up. I liked this one particularly for the gloomy feel, and I felt the horizontal bands were interesting. Bad photo because it is currently in possession of my boyfriend who took a photo of it via photobooth.

On our way back to the house we passed by a yardsale, they had a stack of old postcards from Europe for a $1.

Earlier in the morning the neighbors had a yard sale, what was left was placed next to the trash. We discovered this only after it had rained unfortunately. A hefty book on Rodin was left out, and soaked except for the inner pages. I tore some out to frame.

I plan on adding somewhat random, and mostly "found" art pieces on the walls of the apartment. In a hodge-podge collection. You'll see.

A new friend, and some art things I am currently working on.

Picking Up

Let's pick up like we never left off, shall we?

I went to an estate sale this morning and got the following for $8. The camera is circa '62, and both of the cases seem vintage too. Everything's been taken so well cared for! No moldy smells. I'm going to use the larger camera case for my current DSLR. I just love the thought of carrying around such new equipment in such an old thing. Besides that, it's smaller, better looking and sturdier than the current camera case. One of the scarves has an "S" on it, how lucky!

Quite some time ago I received free fabrics from work. We were cleaning out the closets and these beautiful pieces were going to be junked.

Well I've been living here for a few months, and it feels so much like home.

Living room!
Camera Collection!
Tray of daily things!



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